Weekend Takeaway: Mapping the future

2 Nov 2018

Image: © Sunny Studio/Stock.adobe.com

Essential weekend sci-tech reading, from Xiaomi launching in Ireland to mapping the future of Irish education.

€500m worth of mapping software available to every school in Ireland

Two women, two boys and a male teacher look into a laptop screen with a map in background.

From left: Joanne McLaughlin, Esri Ireland; Casey Farren Colloty and Nathan Furlong, St Kevin’s College, Finglas; Aideen Croasdell, Esri Ireland; and Andrew Horan, St Kevin’s College. Image: John Ohle Photography

900,000 primary and secondary students to be given access to Esri’s online digital mapping platform.

‘With a basic degree, you can learn data science on the job’

woman with dark hair looking at papers in front of a tablet with graphs and pie charts.

Image: © golubovy/Stock.adobe.com

We need skills and leadership to make the most of data, according to Jennifer Cruise from the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

Xiaomi the gadgets: Chinese tech giant arrives in Ireland with Three

a close-up picture of two Xiaomi devices, one pink and one blue.

Xiaomi smartphones. Image: TbTb/Depositphotos

The arrival of this Chinese tech dynamo is less of a gentle introduction and more of an onslaught of interesting and affordable new tech.

Cisco report delves into the new data-driven wave of IT management

A group of men and women working on computers in an open plan office.

Image: © Andrei/Stock.adobe.com

New insights from Cisco reveal where IT leaders stand on transforming their operations.

Study warns kids might be influenced by the ‘evils’ of superhero characters

Smiling young boy in a superhero outfit sitting on a couch watching a movie.

Image: © stokkete/Stock.adobe.com

Some paediatricians are worried that greater amounts of violent ‘good guy’ characters in superhero films might encourage violence in kids.

One of world’s most essential foods could soon lose its nutritional value

White beans in paper bag on an old wooden, blue table.

Image: © strannik_fox/Stock.adobe.com

The humble bean could soon lose much of its nutritional value as the effects of climate change drastically alter our planet.

Watchdog says internet freedom is being stifled around the world

Yellow, purple and blue internet network cables tangled together.

Image: © steheap/Stock.adobe.com

A new report from Freedom House finds that internet freedom around the world is declining for the eighth year running.

Digital trade war looms as US attacks UK over digital services tax

two fists emblazoned with the flags of the UK and US face each other.

Image: © Florin/Stock.adobe.com

The spectre of a wider EU-US digital trade war could haunt minds of EU leaders as a vital digital tax decision looms.

Google staff worldwide walk out over sexual harassment

Aerial view of the Googleplex, Google's main campus in Mountain View, California. Employees walking outside.

Google office in Mountain View, California. Image: Google

Google employees stepped away from their desks and walked out around the world to protest handling of sexual harassment cases at the company.

Stripe and Paypal step away from far-right social network Gab

The PayPal logo on a glass panel outside an office in Arizona, with trees in the background.

Sign at a PayPal office in the US. Image: paulmhill/Depositphotos

Payment processing firms Stripe and PayPal have suspended Gab from using their services.