Weekend Takeaway: Dreams in the stars

5 Oct 2018

Image: Sergey Nivens/Depositphotos

Essential weekend sci-tech reading including Irish women’s role in reaching for the stars, Inspirefest 2019 speakers, Dublin’s digital ambitions and careers in space.

Inspirefest unveils first three speakers ahead of 2019 event

Mark Pollock photographed sitting outside Trinity College Dublin, sitting in his wheelchair,

Mark Pollock. Image: Peter Macdiarmid for the Mark Pollock Trust

The first batch of exciting speakers for Inspirefest 2019 are unveiled as the countdown begins.

Apple and Amazon deny Chinese spy chip claims

Circuit board with pink and blue lighting.

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An in-depth report into an alleged cyber-espionage campaign carried out by Chinese operatives is being disputed by some implicated tech giants.

Uncovering Irish women’s role in reaching for the stars

A black-and-white image of Niamh Shaw standing alongside a large photograph of Kathleen Lonsdale.

Dr Niamh Shaw stands next to an image of Kathleen Lonsdale. Image: Dr Niamh Shaw

During Space Week, Dr Niamh Shaw is exploring the power of curiosity among women scientists. She spoke to Dr Claire O’Connell.

Europe’s digital capital: Colt to double Dublin network to 300km of fibre

A view of Dublin from the Guinness storehouse.

© Boyan Georgiev/stock.adobe.com

Dublin is in the top five cities in the world for growth potential, says Colt CEO.

EU rules Netflix and Amazon must invest in more Europe-made content

A new EU policy means Netflix, Amazon and other video-on-demand services must spend more in Europe.

CyrusOne gets go-ahead to build a €400m data centre campus in Dublin

Inside of a data centre with servers and lights.

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Vast cluster of data centres in southwest Dublin continues to grow.

New study uncovers Ireland’s lack of conversation about porn

close-up of a backlit keyboard in a dark room with purple tones.


A new study has highlighted the worrying lack of conversation in Ireland about porn use, despite calls in 2016 for a national discussion.

6 space careers you can have other than astronaut

A woman with a young girl smiling and pointing out at the sky, standing beside a telescope dreaming about space careers.

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Do you have a love for space? Did you know there are so many more career options for you than becoming an astronaut?

The splice of life: In conversation with a Nobel laureate

In front of a colourful hanging sculpture, a grey-haired man smiles at a woman with short hair who is looking at the camera.

Dr Richard J Roberts and Dr Sally Cudmore. Image: Tomas Tyner/UCC

On a recent visit to APC Microbiome, Dr Sally Cudmore chatted with 1993 Nobel Prize-winner Dr Richard J Roberts about what we still have to learn from the microbiome.

Scientists reveal 3D-printed concrete that actually gets stronger when it cracks

Big crack in an old, outdoor concrete wall.

© Juhku/stock.adobe.com

Researchers aiming to make buildings much safer during natural disasters have revealed 3D-printed concrete that gets stronger when cracked.

Dreaming of space. Image: Sergey Nivens/Depositphotos