Dublin and Belfast star in new Twitter photos from space

10 Apr 2013

'Golden lights from Dublin to Paris,' Cmdr Chris Hadfield tweeted along with this photo from the International Space Station

Cmdr Chris Hadfield took advantage of the International Space Station’s position above Ireland last night to take and tweet photos of Belfast and the Irish capital as they glittered in the springtime darkness.

The Canadian astronaut also provided a bit more of a panoramic photo of Western Europe while many of its residents slept.

“Tonight’s Finale: Our golden lights from Dublin to Paris, nature’s from green aurora to blue dawn,” Hadfield tweeted along with the panoramic shot.

Prior to that, he shared his photo of Belfast, “graced with a touch of haze on a clear spring night,” preceded by his photo of Dublin.

“A clear Dublin night in early spring,” Hadfield tweeted.


Cmdr Chris Hadfield’s photo of Belfast, as seen from the International Space Station last night


The photo Cmdr Chris Hadfield took over Dublin last point, from aboard the International Space Station

The commander had shown the island of Ireland more love during the day yesterday, as well, photographing and tweeting shots taken over Ballina, Sligo, Newry, Thunder Rock, and Cork.   

Hadfield, who has been aboard the International Space Station since December conducting scientific experiments and teaching earthlings about life in space, is quite the prolific photographer. While aboard the orbiting outpost, he has snapped coastlines, islands, deserts, cities, hills and valleys all around the world and shared the photographs with his nearly 640,000 Twitter followers.

He is due to return to Earth in mid-May.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic