Heritage building site hits two-million mark

28 Feb 2007

A website cataloguing the historic buildings and gardens of Ireland has received two million hits from 60,000 visitors since it was redeveloped last September.

The website, www.buildingsofireland.com, is a collaboration between enterprise content management specialist Terminalfour and the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH).

It features photography and records on national treasures such as Kilkenny Castle and the Botanic Gardens that were previously only accessible to government staff. It has already become an invaluable resource for researchers, history and architecture enthusiasts and students, according to Terminalfour, as well as having a broad public appeal.

Terminalfour has provided a comprehensive digital archive of every significant structure type, large and small, in the country including castles, cathedrals, thatched houses, boathouses, hospitals and gardens.

There are currently 16 counties catalogued on the website with a target of bringing all 26 counties online in the next five to 10 years.

Piero Tintori, managing director of Terminalfour, said: “The NIAH, like other information-rich bodies, has embraced the benefits of content management. Terminalfour’s site manager has simplified the publication process of the vast archive of information. As a result, a much wider audience now has fast and direct access to these important records, rather than being limited to those with a key to the filing cabinet.”

Willie Cumming, senior architect, NIAH, said: “Our new strategic plans emphasise the importance of providing records any time, anywhere.”

By Niall Byrne