Irish spent €150m online for Christmas

14 Feb 2008

Irish people spent €150m on internet purchases last Christmas.

According to an iReach survey, 74pc of Irish consumers shopped online during the Christmas period.

The research also found that 54pc of Irish consumers regularly use the internet to make purchases.

It revealed that one third of Irish online consumers have experienced a cyber-threat in the past while shopping online and 3pc have had their credit card details stolen.

Some 5pc experienced security issues, while 22pc were victims of spam, 10pc were victims of spyware and 8pc were victims of phishing, the research showed.

The statistics were unveiled as part of the makeITsecure campaign, a two-week event sponsored by the Government and designed to raise awareness of online security issues.

The makeITsecure website is located at

By Niall Byrne