LinkedIn launches news aggregator

14 Mar 2011

LinkedIn has launched the beta version of a social news aggregator that allows members to access news by their connections, industry and global professional network.

The new service – LinkedIn Today – also allows members to read headlines that are trending across different industries and sources.

“LinkedIn Today provides our members with a quick and easy way to digest trending news gleaned from the collective wisdom of 90m professionals – what they are reading, what they are sharing, and what they are saying,” said Deep Nishar, SVP of product and user experience at LinkedIn. “Having a professional and tailored lens on news and insights is not only an efficient way to gather information for your work day, but it also arms you with the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.”

The company said members will also be able to customise their LinkedIn Today experience by “following” up to 22 industries, including for example, marketing and advertising, online media and public relations. Members will also have the option to “follow” specific news sources and will have the option to choose from a wide range of outlets, from Financial Times to Mashable, to see the most shared headlines by news source in addition to industry.

LinkedIn also announced it is deepening its relationship with Twitter and is now offering members the ability to bind their accounts and share updates on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Within the LinkedIn Today product, members will be able to tweet trending news to their Twitter account, as well as post it to a LinkedIn Group and email it directly to their existing LinkedIn connections.

In addition, LinkedIn Today will feature relevant StumbleUpon content tailored to each industry that will include evergreen and trending content recommended by the StumbleUpon community of more than 14m members.

The company has also announced the launch of LinkedIn’s iPhone application version 3.6, which will deliver the LinkedIn Today experience to all iPhone users.

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