Meebo releases social networking API

1 Feb 2008

Instant messaging platform Meebo has released an API (application program interface) to enable community sites to easily incorporate live messaging into their service.

Geared towards social networking sites and popular entertainment sites, Meebo Rooms will enable users to interact in real time while on their favourite webpages.

Meebo also announced the establishment of Meebo Network, a network of premium community, media and entertainment partners with whom Meebo will share 50pc of the ad revenue derived from Meebo Rooms. For partners in the Meebo Network that prefer an ad-free integration of the application, a yearly licensing fee option is available.

The API will automate the creation, configuration and monetisation of Meebo Rooms for partners, allowing them to integrate chat rooms into their user registration databases and content management and publishing systems.

“Today’s API announcement, as well as the launch partners for our ad-supported Meebo Network, will bring Meebo and our partners closer to the goal of giving people the ability to connect, engage and discuss anything of common interest,” said Martin Green, vice-president of business, Meebo.

“Integration with the Meebo API provides a great addition to the tools available to publishers to help them add community features to their site,” said Evan Rifkin, CEO, Social Project, a partner in the Meebo Network.

Ad formats for Meebo Rooms will soon be tested with partners in the Meebo Network to optimise targeting, user experience and creative sizes to develop a unit that sparks viral conversations about marketers and their products, the company said. Meebo then intends to run unobtrusive, user-friendly ads and share a portion of the revenue with its partners.

By Niall Byrne