Microsoft product roadmap gives IE10, Office 15 launch dates

13 Apr 2012

Images of Microsoft’s product roadmap have been leaked online which suggest that Internet Explorer 10 could be out in the middle of the year and Office 15 could be out in early 2013.

ZDNet reports that Maarten Visser, CEO of Meetroo, posted screenshots of Microsoft’s product roadmap and tweeted links to them.

Microsoft often shares its product roadmap with partners and deals mostly with estimates of the products releases rather than definitive dates.

According to the roadmap, Internet Explorer 10 could be released in the middle of 2012, possibly when Microsoft launches its Windows 8 Release Candidate.

Office 15 may be released in early 2013, bringing updates to Microsoft’s productivity software suite. Lync Server 15 is missing from the roadmap and it only shows Lync Online which is being updated quarterly. However, Microsoft is reportedly planning Lync Server 15 though it could come at a later stage.