Start-up develops parenting app for Barnardos

27 Apr 2011

Magictime Apps has developed an app for children’s charity Barnardos, enabling parents to access information about child protection, parenting tips and free family events and activities nationwide.

Barnardos iPhone app is available to download for 79 cents from the Apple App Store from today, with 50pc of the download fee being donated to the charity.

“This (app) is the result of many long days and a great partnership,” said Warren Kavanagh of Magictime Apps, which is based in Dublin.

“We really hope the app helps Barnardos to engage with iPhone owners and develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with parents, donors, fundraisers and volunteers.

“In these tough times, we decided to support Barnardos and do our bit to make a difference to the lives of children throughout Ireland. In designing the app, we also included ways for people to easily make a donation to the charity by linking through to,” said Kavanagh.

Advice on child protection

Ruth Guy, Barnardos director of fundraising and marketing, said one of the key elements of the app is the easy access to parenting tips, information about its services and advice, including guidance on steps to take if you are concerned about a child protection issue.

“Timing can often be crucial, so having information so quickly to hand can be invaluable. There’s also the fun stuff,” she said.

“We have selected a range of educational, fun games suitable for children aged three and up, so parents can occupy their children while travelling in the car, sitting in the shopping trolley or waiting in a queue for the doctor. In addition, we have a county-by-county family events guide with fun ideas for free family activities and events happening across Ireland.”

Kavanagh said the Barnardos app would be regularly updated. “We plan to continually develop the app and add more and more useful information. It’s important to us that users know they have a helpful resource in their pockets that is reliable, informative and a trusted friend.”

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