6 big issues driverless cars must overcome (infographic)

17 Jun 2015

Driverless cars are on our doorstep, with Google, Apple and Baidu just three of the companies targeting a new dawn in motorised transport. But are they safe?

There have been years of tests and millions of euros spent on creating a device clever enough to get us from A to B, all while keeping us entertained in the front seat.

The battle to win the operating system-driven dashboard war is already upon us, with iOS and Android fighting it out to win the favour of major car manufacturers.

But that’s a mere stopgap until we have fully-automated vehicles spinning us around town. But how will they handle human interaction, with people crossing roads wherever and whenever they please?

What about bad weather? Will they be able to navigate icy roads?

It gets even more conceptual when you consider the choices drivers make every day, weighing up scenarios to ensure the least casualties.

Do you hammer on the breaks, thus putting the car behind in severe danger, or swerve to avoid an obstacle?

These are big issues and, hopefully, Click Mechanic’s infographic below can clear up some of these problems.

6 problems for driverless cars

Autonomous car concept, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic