App that lets you create smells launches worldwide

3 Feb 2014

Never failing to create the wackiest and most creative apps imaginable, a Japanese group has launched its Scentee app allowing users to create smells through their smartphones.

For years it has been the stuff of science fiction but now the ability to create smells activated through a smartphone is looking to increase the number of senses we use through our phones piece by piece.

With the help of a small white scent emitter attachment, an owner of the device can choose from a range of different smells to be emitted when you do a range of tasks from your alarm each morning, to ‘liking’ something on Facebook or favouriting something on Twitter.

So far the smells on offer are limited to rose, lavender, rosemary, coffee and strawberry but they plan to release more scents in the coming months like curry and oranges.

You can also send smells to one another through the app itself or when it activates through messages from particular people.

The company announced its global release on its website (in broken English) and will begin shipping to more than 120 countries.

No cheap cologne

The entire package isn’t necessarily cheap, with the smell-emitting device costing US$35 with a further US$30 in shipping costs and each smelly cartridge costing US$4.99.

With each cartridge you get about 100 sprays, and the USB-charged device delivers about two days of fun before it needs a charge.

In order to use the device, however, you need an iPhone 4S with iOS of 7.0.3 or higher or Android 4.0 or higher.

Here’s hoping for the smell of a salt and vinegar chips scent to hit the Irish market soon.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic