Hot Problems – quite possibly THE worst song ever (video)

18 Apr 2012

A still from the video for Hot Problems

Perhaps the disclaimer beneath the YouTube video for the song Hot Problems should be a hint to the quality of the song and performances in the video: “Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. We produced the video as a favor for a younger sibling of one of our friends.”

The video to Hot Problems features two young ladies – known collectively as Double Take – seated in a limousine, singing about the difficulties of being “hot”. And no, Samantha Brick isn’t one of them.

With simplistic lyrics sung in a flat fashion, such as, “Hot girls we have problems, too, we’re just like you, except we’re hot,” and cringe-worthy performances, the Hot Problems video on YouTube has drawn 230,015 views, 12,998 dislikes and 930 likes at time of writing. The video has only been up on YouTube since 15 April.

But that just may be the point, according to some viewers. The video may have been purposely created to go viral just by virtue of its awfulness, unlike Rebecca Black’s Friday, which did go viral but not for reasons Black and her team wanted – because it, too, features simplistic lyrics and reported use of auto-tune.

Hot Problems, however, may well be classified as a hot mess altogether.

“I feel like this is purposely this bad. They’re trying to make Friday 2.0, because being really bad is easier than being good,” one YouTube viewer opined.

Another clue as to whether Hot Problems is all for a laugh is the YouTube channel for Old Bailey Productions: despite having joined YouTube on 4 March 2009, the only video on its channel is Hot Problems.

Watch the video to Hot Problems here:


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic