Spotify could be looking to cash in on the wearable revolution

20 Jan 2014

Music-streaming giant Spotify is working on creating a new music-discovery feature that will customise playlists based on sensors that work with a listener’s heart rate and body motion.

According to TechRadar, Spotify is working on a new feature that works with motion sensors in phones to guess if the user is running, biking or driving, or a temperature sensor that can tell if a person is tense.

The idea is that the more Spotify knows about the user the better its engine can be, explained Donovan Sung, product manager overseeing the Discover engine within Spotify.

For example, if Spotify knows by your body movements if you are running or working out, it will play beat-pumping music, or if you are relaxing or lying down, it will play tranquil music.

Sung said the feature will also be able to connect with other services that would monitor sleeping habits along the lines of when users go to sleep or wake up.

Surely what Spotify is describing here goes beyond the phone and into devices like smartwatches, smart glasses or smart clothes.

Imagine sweaters that can tell if you’re dancing and fibre optics will beat out colour patterns to match your movements, or skiing fanatics hurtle down a mountain side while sensors in their clothing can tell the speed they’re travelling at and Spotify selects a playlist to match the thrilling experience.

Nevermind phones, it seems Spotify has its eye on wearables.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years