Raspberry Pi offers stg£22 credit-card size PC for budding programmers

29 Feb 2012

The Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized Linux-based computer priced at stg£22 aiming to get people into coding, has launched today. Demand for the computer has caused websites selling it to crash.

The single-board computer comes from distributor RS Components and the Raspberry Pi Foundation and was created for educatiors, programmers, developers and tech enthusiasts.

It comes in two different models. Model A runs a 700MHz ARM processor with 256MB of RAM, HMDI and RCA video outputs and an SD card slot. Model B, which is being sold first, has an additional two USB ports and an ethernet port.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity made to promote the development of IT skills in education across the world. It aims to offer people looking to learn how to code with a base platform to exploit the full power of computing on the Linux platform on a low cost device.

Its distribution partner, RS Components, was chosen as it will provide Raspberry Pi users with support, advice and resources as they learn how to develop programs.

The demand for the machine managed to crash the two websites selling it and currently, customers outside the UK can’t buy it.