Google announces Adopt a Startup programme finalists

7 Dec 2018

Google offices in Dublin. Image: Tobias Abel/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Google has unveiled the eight start-ups that have made it to the Adopt A Startup final in its EMEA HQ.

Google has whittled down the entrants of its Adopt a Startup contest to just eight companies, with the final due to take place on 11 December at its Dublin headquarters.

30 start-ups had spent the last 12 weeks on the programme, which aims to give young start-ups valuable insights to help boost global growth.

The eight finalists made it to the finish line following an intensive pitching contest in Dublin last week and will pitch to a panel of industry experts at Google’s EMEA HQ in Dublin next week. The companies will present the targets they set at the beginning of the programme and how they have been met or exceeded, as well as their future plans.

What is Google offering?

The winning company will receive €10,000 in AdWords credit and the eligibility for the Google Cloud programme, which comes with $100,000 in Google Cloud Credit.

Seven other start-ups will also be eligible for the Google Cloud programme, receiving $20,000 in Google Cloud credit. One start-up will also win three months’ free hot-desking at Dogpatch Labs, Google’s tech hub partner.

Who are the finalists?


Dashmote turns images into valuable data to help businesses glean insights on a massive scale, from customer affinities to trending content.


An online service for second-level students, Jumpagrade presents itself as a modern alternative to grinds, helping students with tailored and personalised feedback.


UrbanVolt supplies, installs and maintains commercial LED lighting at no upfront cost, allowing businesses to make energy savings and reduce consumption.


The Flexiwage app allows users to budget their incomes across their pay schedule, to help ensure they have money throughout the month, without needing to borrow.

Nasal Medical

Nasal Medical manufactures discreet personal filters that help protect wearers from airborne allergens such as pollen and dust, to reduce symptoms as well as being an aid to reduce snoring.


Trustap is a service specifically designed for people who want to transact with other people online. It allows users to buy and sell online with strangers, without the fear of being scammed.


Wellola is a medical software solution that offers in-house and video consultation scheduling in one system to make patient management easier.


BidRecruit is a recruiting software solution for HR and hiring managers that aims to simplify the often laborious recruitment process.

Google offices in Dublin. Image: Tobias Abel/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Ellen Tannam was a journalist with Silicon Republic, covering all manner of business and tech subjects