Gigglebit: The leaf-guitar playing lizard that’s cooler than all of us

3 Mar 2015

Photo by Aditya Permana via Facebook

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It’s Tuesday, it’s bitter cold for what’s supposed to be spring already and some of us aren’t in Barcelona lapping up all that mobile tech has to offer at Mobile World Congress – but there is a silver lining to this cloud, and that silver lining is lizard-shaped and musically inspired.

Specifically, we’re talking about a forest dragon lizard – but not just any old forest dragon lizard, oh no. This one is an internet superstar thanks to a fantastically well-timed photograph by Aditya Permana.

Permana snapped the soulful strummer in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and claims he didn’t interfere or pose the creature to get the shot, which looks as if the lizard is playing a leaf guitar.

Lizard playing guitar

Photo by Aditya Permana via Facebook

The lizard proved so popular online – earning attention on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit – the photo even spawned a series of puntastic #AnimalRockSongs suggested on Twitter. Some of the hits on this zoological playlist include Iguana Know What Love Is, Tainted Dove and Love Is A Cattlefield.

The above image and another with the lizard looking more contemplative were posted to the photographer’s Facebook page. Perhaps he’s ruminating on who he likes most: Thin Lizzard? Or Lizard Skynyrd? (I’ll get my coat.)

Lizard with hands in prayer

Photo by Aditya Permana via Facebook

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