Irish prepay network JUST Mobile shutting down

3 Aug 2011

Irish prepay network JUST Mobile is closing down its service and has advised its customers to change to another mobile operator within the next 30 days.

JUST Mobile announced on Facebook it would wind down the service after informing customers directly. From 8 August, users will not be able to make calls or send texts to people on other networks, though they can still receive calls and texts.

On 12 August, customers will be unable to make calls and send texts to those on the JUST Mobile network. All services will close on 19 August and users will have until 31 August to move their number onto another mobile network before it is terminated completely.

“We were unable to secure follow on funding in the current environment and our main partner, Vodafone, and other suppliers, who have been very supportive, could not continue to support us any longer,” said JUST Mobile in a statement.

“This is something no one wanted. We believe we created something special for our customers, but unfortunately the business climate is not conducive for young companies to raise capital in.

“We want to thank our partners and customers for their support and wish every other young company in Ireland well in their endeavours,” it said.

The network’s Facebook page is flooded with customers commiserating with the company.

JUST Mobile focused on offering a cheaper prepay mobile service. SIM cards and phones were available in convenience stores, such as Spar and Mace, which offered rewards for topping up in these locations.