Nintendo experiences loss in earnings

28 Oct 2010

Nintendo has experienced losses in the first half of the year, thanks to the rising yen and falling sales.

Nintendo reported a US$2.47m loss for the first half of the fiscal year, dropping 34pc to US$4.46bn.

This loss was expected, and it has been partially blamed on the yen’s strength against the dollar. It reported a cost of US$764m in “exchange losses.”

The losses were also due to the decline in demand for its Wii console. Nintendo forecast a further drop, because of these reasons, along with sales expectations for Christmas.

The company delayed its 3D portable console, the Nintendo 3DS, until early next year, which may also have an impact on its sales for the Christmas season.

Nintendo did cite successes in sales for certain titles, such as for Wii Party, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Japanese launch of both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.