revenues up

17 Aug 2007 has reported total revenues for the second quarter of 2007 of US$176.6m (€236.7m), a 49pc increase year on year and a 9pc increase on the previous quarter.

Subscription and support revenues accounted for $160m of this while professional services and other revenues represented $16.6m.

Net income surged to US$3.7m, up 412pc quarter over quarter. added approximately 3,000 net paying customers during the quarter, a record for the company. Total net paying customers in Q2 rose to 35,000, an increase of approximately 10,500 or 42pc year on year.

Net paying subscribers rose to more than 800,000 subscribers as of quarter end, an increase of more than 60pc year over year.

“Our business continues to show incredible momentum: a year ago, our largest customer had roughly 7,500 subscribers. Today, our installed base includes two customers with more than 30,000 subscribers; four customers with 20,000 or more subscribers; five customers with over 10,000 and a remarkable 68 customers with more than 1,000 subscribers – a greater than 40pc increase in the number of customers with 1,000 or more subscribers versus six months ago,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,

“Now with an annual revenue run rate of more than US$700m, our company is well-positioned to take on-demand even further into the enterprise.”

By Niall Byrne