Land Rover enters EV market

9 Nov 2010

Land Rover is set to release its most economical vehicle to date – a two-wheel drive SUV named the Freelander – in 2011. The vehicle is said to be more carbon efficient and will be an addition to the Freelander range, with a fuel consumption of 47.2mpg combined, and CO2 emissions of 158g/km.

Land Rover is investing more than £800m (about $1.3bn) to develop environmental solutions, giving the automaker the leading position in terms of UK automotive “green” technologies, reports Greenbang.

Land Rover are is said to be aiming to reduce its carbon emissions in new vehicles by 20pc by 2020.

The automaker, who is the latest to enter the electric vehicle fold, is said to be rolling out a series of electric and hybrid vehicles which will be on sale in 2013.

Land Rover is reportedly investing more than £800m (around €928m) in developing green technologies for its product line, according to Greenbang.