Altobridge in radio IP deal to boost mobile broadband delivery

2 Apr 2012

Altobridge, a Kerry technology company named last year as a ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum, has acquired the rights to intellectual property from Replify that will boost its ability to mange mobile backhaul and reduce costs for operators.

Replify’s technology has been embedded into the Altobridge patent-pending data optimisation platform Data-at-the-Edge and includes byte level caching, predictive cache loading, data stream de-duplication, data compression and protocol optimisation, as well as standard data optimisation techniques.

The Data-at-the-Edge technology enables data passing between an operator’s core network and its radio access network (RAN) to be identified, managed and improved down to a very granular level, such as email and video.

According to Altrobridge, it delivers mobile data backhaul reductions of more than 50pc and reduces the costs of delivering mobile broadband to remote communities.

Bridging the mobile divide

“Altobridge has spent a decade driving down the cost of remote communications access,” said Mike Fitzgerald.

“Over the last three years, we have concentrated on mobile broadband optimisation and this turnkey solution enables the world’s mobile network operators to truly bridge the mobile broadband divide.

“Remote communities, remote enterprises or indeed any base station location where a network operator needs to cut backhaul costs, can now benefit from a level of backhaul savings never anticipated within the industry. While cost reduction was the key driver, we have also paid very close attention to achieving the highest quality of service levels and end-user experience,” Fitzgerald said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years