Free Wi-Fi for Irish
Nintendo gamers

24 Jan 2006

Following a deal between BT and game console maker Nintendo, Irish users of the console will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi access at any one of the 270 BT Openzone locations across Ireland, the company said today.

By using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection Irish gamers can play against friends and family across the globe for free.

There are three ways Irish Nintendo gamers can access the service. Firstly, gamers can visit any one of the 270 BT Openzone hotspots across Ireland in chains such as O’Brien’s sandwich bars, Hilton Hotels, Maxol Service Stations, Insomnia Coffee Shops and at BT Payphones.

Secondly, Nintendo will be installing BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots in major video game retailers such as HMV, Game, Smyths Toys and GamesStop.

Finally gamers with a broadband internet connections can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot at home and can purchase a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector from any games retailer for €40.

“Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming part of everyone’s lives, whether you are a business traveller, a professional working away from the office or now someone who enjoys playing games on consoles against people round the world,” explained Chris Clark, CEO of Converged Mobility Operations at BT. “We are delighted to be working with Nintendo on this partnership that will broaden the appeal of Wi-Fi from the business into the consumer market.

“We believe the future for Wi-Fi is that people will be able to access the internet, their corporate networks and their games consoles any time, anywhere using whatever device they have,” Clark said.

The news follows an announcement by BT at the weekend to launch 1Mbps always-on broadband for €20 a month as well as significant changes to their network. The changes in speed will see both of BT’s existing broadband products automatically increase by 1Mbps each to 2Mbps and 3Mbps respectively at no extra charge to customers.

BT also introduced a wireless upgrade option for €40. In addition to the speed increases and new broadband option, BT said it will also reduce the connection charge for all products to €40, a saving of €10 over the normal price.

By John Kennedy