Hibernia Atlantic changes its name to Hibernia Networks

16 Jan 2013

Transatlantic fibre broadband carrier Hibernia Atlantic has changed its name to Hibernia Networks to reflect its increased focus on high bandwidth connectivity solutions in the areas of wholesale, financial and media.

Hibernia Media will now be integrated under the Hibernia Networks platform.

The global network now reaches more than 120 points of presence in Ireland, the UK, Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim.

Hibernia was founded in 2003 when its owner Ken Peterson’s Columbia Ventures Corporation acquired two transatlantic submarine systems and cable landing stations that had been built at an initial cost of US$1bn before the dot.com bubble burst.

The company began carrying data traffic in 2005 across the Atlantic between London and New York and has deployed various network expansions over the years, including Project Kelvin, a high-capacity route into Ireland.

“Hibernia has evolved well beyond its original transatlantic serving area,” CEO Bjarni Thorvardarson explained.

“Today, as Hibernia Networks, our company reflects a unified team offering worldwide network services to a focused, but expanding, customer base,” he added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years