Irish tech firms pair up to change how world uses the web

12 Mar 2009

It can pay to live on the edge, particularly if you’re a leading provider of network performance management tools. Bray-based Data Edge has just signed a deal worth €500,000 with Dublin-based Intune Networks, as the latter sets out to take on the world.

Intune has invested €30m in developing its technology to target the €8bn global metro telecommunications market. It is promising to change the way the world experiences the internet, and is hoping its latest deal with Data Edge will help it to fulfil this promise.

According to both companies, their partnership will fast-track Intune’s market launch by several months.

Under the deal, Data Edge will test and optimise the performance of Intune’s telecoms infrastructure. Intune has invented an efficient optical transport and switch network that provides almost limitless bandwidth with guaranteed service quality.

Intelligent networks are crucial when trying to distribute large data volumes and deliver quality levels similar to broadcast formats like high-definition television (HDTV).  With Intune’s technology, home users will soon be able to watch television services such as You Tube in high-definition and in real-time.

Business users can benefit from internet protocol TV (IPTV), high-definition videoconferencing, and significantly higher bandwidth services. 

Tim Fritzley, the CEO of Intune Networks, said: “We believe our technology has the potential to transform the global telecommunications market. There’s been enormous interest in our company over the past few years, reaching a crescendo in recent months as we prepare for our launch. 

“In partnership with Data Edge, we’ve been able to prove the quality of our service, accelerate our market readiness, and reduce the capital and operational costs of development.”

According to Paul Phelan, CTO of Data Edge, the partnership between the two companies has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects in his firm’s 20-year history.  

“Intune has made one of the most important communications technology advancements in a decade. It will help in the repositioning of Ireland as a hotbed of innovation and investment for global IT R&D.”

By Linda Daly