An inside look at Digital Realty’s €150m data centre in Dublin (video)

10 Dec 2014

Digital Realty’s Gary Keogh takes us on a tour of the company’s €150m data centre campus in west Dublin.

In September, US data centre giant Digital Realty opened the new state-of-the-art 10-acre site, which supports the phased development plan of 15.36 megawatts of data centre space across four buildings, totalling 85,000 sq feet.

During the testing phase at peak load, the site achieved a PUE of between 1.15 and 1.18. By comparison, the PUE utilising a traditional chilled water system is about 1.6.

The Uptime Institute, the Global Data Centre authority, has certified Digital Profile Park’s design as Tier III compliant.

Power, pipes, policy, pedigree and people

“Some of the biggest internet giants have located their data centres in this area of Dublin,” said Gary Keogh, sales director for Digital Realty in Ireland.

“We are sitting amongst Microsoft and Google, who are serving their customers via the cloud from here in Dublin.”

Keogh said the data-centre industry in Ireland is critical for the continuing flow of inward investment into Ireland, as well as enabling Irish indigenous tech companies to create intellectual property and serve the rest of the world.

“We are building on the five Ps of what makes Dublin great for digital investment – power, pipes, policy, pedigree and people. As a city we have strengths in all of these areas.

“Apps in the cloud require infrastructure, they need to be in data centres,” Keogh said. “We are positioning this as the newest and the best data centre in the country.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years