Weekend takeaway: Protecting you and your data

16 Feb 2018

Image: Tiko Aramyan/Shutterstock

Everything you need to know about sci-tech this weekend, including the latest data leaks and how to protect yourself against cybercrime.

What you need to know about the major FedEx data leak

FedEx parcels

FedEx parcels. Image: monticello/Shutterstock

FedEx customer data found on an unsecured Amazon server may have been there for years.

UK lays the blame for NotPetya cyberattack at Russia’s door

Red Square, Moscow.

Red Square, Moscow. Image: rtem/Shutterstock

The UK government says the Russian military was directly responsible for 2017’s NotPetya attack.

Touch Press’s Barry O’Neill: ‘Get ready for the next disruption’

Touch Press’s Barry O’Neill: ‘Get ready for the next disruption’

Barry O’Neill, CEO of Touch Press. Image: Lera Polska

Having pretty much weathered every digital storm in the last 20 years, Touch Press CEO Barry O’Neill tells John Kennedy we have now reached peak smartphone.

How do cyber-criminals use trust as a weapon?

Many cyberattacks are well disguised. Image: Romolo Tavani/Shutterstock

For cybercrime to succeed, attackers need to convince users to trust them.

New bug can crash iPhones with a single character

iPhone bug telugu

iPhone 8. Image: franz12/Shutterstock

The bug affecting Apple devices is caused by typing a single Unicode symbol.

What you need to know about the new ad-blocker from Google Chrome

Google Chrome on mobile

Google Chrome on mobile. Image: napatsorn aungsirichinda/Shutterstock

A new ad-blocker for Google Chrome will be flagging content that fails to meet standards.

How emotionally intelligent are you?

emotional intelligence

Image: everst/Shutterstock

Emotional intelligence has become a top skill that recruiters look out for when hiring. How emotionally intelligent are you, and how can you improve?

GPU shortage caused by crypto craze is hindering search for ET

GPU shortage caused by crypto craze is ruining search for ET

The Karl G Jansky Very Large Array observatory in New Mexico, US. Image: Felix Lipov/Shutterstock

The thirst for mining cryptocurrencies is leaving many scientists on the hunt for ET scrambling for the necessary hardware.

The iPhone captured 51pc of all smartphone revenues worldwide in Q4

iPhone captured 51pc of all smartphone revenue worldwide in Q4

iPhone X billboard in Milan, Italy. Image: Alexandre Rotenberg/Shutterstock

Apple’s iPhone cash cow is the gift that keeps giving.

Virgin to roll out new 4K TV boxes as broadband numbers grow

Virgin to roll out 4K TV boxes as broadband user numbers grow

Paul Farrell, vice-president of commercial at Virgin Media. Image: Virgin Media

As Project Lightning strikes, Virgin Media parent company Liberty Global is on a consolidation course with Vodafone.