Irish firm enables e-retailors to capture data on the doorstep

15 Sep 2011

An Irish technology company will be first to market with a new system that provides parcel delivery providers with real-time data capture from consumers at the doorstep – such as surveys and issues – that will directly go back to e-retailers.

DPD Ireland has deployed enterprise mobility software from Blackbay that will enable e-retailers to deliver the highest levels of customer service and increase revenue opportunities.

“The appetite for access to real-time data is growing in both the B2B and the B2C markets,” explained Brendan O’Neill, DPD Ireland’s CEO.

“The B2B sector remains very important to us, but the weakening economy has shifted consumer buying habits.

“So we have worked with Blackbay to develop new B2C solutions to meet a demand from our customers for services which provide business benefits at the doorstep, and the demand for more flexible delivery options from consumers.”

DPD, formerly Interlink Ireland, was founded in 1986 with 10 depots and has grown to become the largest parcel delivery provider in Ireland with 38 depots handling in excess of 6m parcels a year.

Using Blackbay’s new Survey Module, DPD will be the first parcel delivery provider to enable its drivers to carry out real-time customised questionnaires with consumers at the doorstep. 

Real-time data capture from the doorstep

“The real-time data captured as consumers take delivery of their goods, will help e-retailers improve their customer service by checking whether drivers have complied with specific delivery instructions, such as delivering goods to a designated ‘safe place’ or that all the components of the goods ordered have been delivered,” added O’Neill. “Any discrepancies are passed back to the e-retailer who is then able to deal with them immediately.”

The Survey Module will help e-retailers increase revenue through up-sell and cross-selling opportunities.

The Survey Module is triggered by the delivery scan and a questionnaire will then prompt the driver to ask the consumer questions relating to additional services or product offerings for the product delivered. If the consumer is interested then the data collected by the driver is automatically sent to the e-retailer and a ‘warm lead’ call can be made almost immediately.

DPD has been deploying Blackbay’s enterprise mobility solution for the last three years and has recently extended its contract for another five until 2016. Blackbay’s solution has already allowed DPD to increase market share by increasing volume by 19pc since 2009, despite the fragile state of the Irish economy.

“One of our customers estimates that a 60pc conversion rate is possible for warm lead opportunities which are identified during a doorstep delivery and followed up within an hour,” O’Neill said.

“This statistic perfectly highlights the power of Blackbay’s Survey Module and the benefits it can deliver to our customers.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years