Less than one-quarter of European computer users employ cloud services – survey

4 Sep 2012

Just 24pc of European computer users use cloud services, despite cloud computing being one of the fastest-growing segments in technology, a new survey suggests.

Cloud computing enables users to store data and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or server.

The survey by nonprofit trade association Business Software Alliance (BSA) also reveals that 65pc of European computer users have “never heard of it” or only “heard the name” cloud computing.

Familiarity with cloud computing varies across the European single market, the survey also showed.

In the UK and Greece, 24pc of PC users said they had high levels of familiarity with cloud computing, whereas 9pc of PC users in Poland and 10pc in France reported the same level of familiarity with the technology.

Of those European computer users who are familiar with cloud computing, 86pc use cloud applications for personal use and 29pc use them for business reasons.

The most commonly used cloud applications in Europe are email (79pc), online word processing (36pc) and photo storage and online games (35pc).

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic