3 announces details of UK offering

11 Dec 2002

Multinational mobile operator 3 (Hutchison Whampoa) has announced details of its UK 3G offering, which is expected to launch some time in the new year.

The company holds one of the three Irish 3G licences and its UK offering may give some indication of the level of services which will be available to Irish customers at launch.

3 plans to deliver live video calls, digital mapping and advanced satellite location-based services, exclusive video clips of premiership football highlights, music, games, news and finance to its UK customers.

“In 2002 more than 15,000 UK consumers participated in customer research designed to fine-tune every aspect of 3’s products and services. What we’re revealing today is the outcome of that extensive analysis,” said Lisa Gernon, strategy and marketing director at 3.

The company also announced there will be a special promotional discount for the first 20,000 ‘Founder’ customers to sign up to 3’s initial pricing options. Founders who take up these offers will be offered a choice of special pricing options, which will include a discount on the recommended retail price of a handset, a bundle of voice call minutes, video call minutes, text, picture and video messages, email and multimedia content and services. These promotional pricing options will be aimed at heavy users of 3 services and will range from £59.99 sterling per month for 12 months to £99.99 sterling per month for 12 months.

The company also announced that three handsets had already been selected for sale with the 3 network. These are the NEC e606 and e808, and the Motorola A830. Prices will range from £399 to £449 sterling.

By Dick O’Brien