Advertising Standards Authority to investigate social media marketing

12 Jun 2012

The speed of growth and diversity of digital media has prompted the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) to investigate the efforts of firms that may be going beyond the remit of the advertising self-regulatory Code in their use of social media.

According to the ASAI, increasingly advertisers are engaging with consumers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in non-paid for space, which is traditionally outside the remit of the Code.

The study should be of interest to the bevy of digital media agencies that have sprung up in recent years to focus on platforms like Facebook as it directly impacts on the creative approach taken to marketing via social media and online advertising in general.

Ireland at the crossroads of the digital media future

No doubt it should also be of interest to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google, who have all established global operations in Ireland.

“The ASAI is of the view, however, that where marketing claims are made, these should be within the remit of the Code.

“The growth and diversity associated with digital media means that in order for the exercise to be real and meaningful we need to hear from a varied sample of those who interact with the media in all areas of marketing communications.

“This includes advertisers, agencies, media companies, commentators and the end consumer,” the ASAI said.

The consultation period will close on 9 July. Responses can be sent by email.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years