EA brings its gaming franchises to Windows Phone 7

15 Oct 2010

EA has announced a range of mobile titles for the recently launched Windows Phone 7 platform, to be part of its Xbox LIVE functionality, including The Sims 3 and Need for Speed.

According to Travis Boatman, vice-president of Worldwide Studios for EA’s mobile division, the company believes the new platform will see “consumers deeply integrating devices into their lives and entertainment in new ways, every day.”

The games will integrate with the Xbox LIVE features of the Windows Phone 7 OS, giving gamers the ability to earn achievements and track leaderboards.

Four games have been announced for the platform. Need for Speed Undercover allows gamers to control 20 high-performance cars through 24 undercover missions.

They can customise vehicles and earn performance upgrades as players race head-to-head against each other.

Tetris will also be available, letting players have access to up to 12 variants. The classic Marathon mode is also available.

Players can challenge others over Xbox LIVE to beat their top score on single-player Marathon mode.

The Sims 3 will bring the popular PC franchise to Windows Phone 7. Players can choose from dozens of personality traits, allowing them to make their characters neurotic, funny or shy, and they can give their Sims numerous variations of appearance, clothing and accessories.

Completing goals, wishes and personal goals will unlock achievements and earn Gamerscore points.

Monopoly will let gamers play the board game brand on Windows Phone 7 mobiles. Players can own and manage the famous Monopoly holdings while earning achievements.