Google shows how Project Glass would work for glasses wearers

13 Apr 2012

How Project Glass could look on a wearer of prescription glasses

A Google industrial designer has allayed prescription glasses wearers’ fears that its augmented reality eyewear Project Glass would not work for them. She showed a concept design which sits on top of their existing glasses.

Isabelle Olsson, an industrial designer on Google’s Project Glass team, revealed an early mock-up of how Project Glass would work for someone who wears prescription glasses.

The heads-up display (HUD) appears to be attached to the user’s own pair of glasses. This holds the lens where information is displayed to the user and the camera which takes in the user’s surroundings.

Google’s Project Glass concept was unveiled last week. It comes in the shape of augmented reality eyewear which gives the user information on the location they’re in and the people they meet via the Android OS.

It showed a concept video of how this could work. For example, a person can have a video call with someone else through the glasses’ display. They can also get Google Maps information overlaid over the route they’re walking on and they can get information on public transport systems as they go.

However, some users queried how those with prescription glasses could use the system. The concept product had the HUD attached to a thin metal band which is held in place with pads which sit on the bridge of the nose which would seemingly get in the way of prescription glasses.