Apple believes iOS 10.3 will stop you losing your AirPods

25 Jan 2017

Apple AirPods. Image: Hadrian/Shutterstock

Apple is preparing the release of its latest iOS 10.3 update, and the interesting inclusion is the ability to track where you’ve lost your Bluetooth wireless AirPod earphones.

When Apple announced the AirPods last year as a decision that took “courage”, the general reaction from consumers and journalists was decidedly mixed.

On the one hand, Apple fans welcomed the new, sleek, small earphones, but critics and Apple accessory producers seemed to think that their design was asking for them to be lost during any sort of physical activity like running.

Now it seems the latter’s fears are to be addressed in the next big iOS 10.3 update, with the inclusion of AirPods on the list of Apple products that you can include in the Find My iPhone service.

Currently, owners of Apple devices can access a web portal using their details and view the last known location of their device if they have lost it or had it stolen.

Now, if you happen to lose one of your AirPods out running, the service will show you where exactly you dropped it.

However, this doesn’t address the issue of what happens when you know you’ve dropped it somewhere, but its size has rendered it ninja-like in its ability to remain unseen.

Siri gets an update, too

A number of other updates are expected in iOS 10.3, most notably a major increase in the capabilities of the iPhone’s personal assistant, Siri.

According to Ars Technica, Siri will soon be able to connect with a number of different ride-sharing platforms and similar sharing economy apps as well as being more compatible with payments services.

Also, calling these ride-sharing services will be a little more intuitive, by letting the user ask Siri to book an Uber to come at a specific time, rather than the current Siri that can only book it right away.

A few other updates to Apple’s CarPlay and HomeKit platforms will add more available apps and IoT products to connect to them.

Battery  bug remains

One noticeable exclusion is the rumoured ‘theatre mode’ that was reportedly meant to be included in 10.3 to help users use their phones in the cinema.

Apple has now released iOS 10.3 in beta for public use, but all users won’t see the final release for another few months at least.

Meanwhile, analysis of the latest iOS 10.2.1 has revealed little to get excited about, particularly for those who remain frustrated with the operating system’s continued battery issues.

Despite addressing that there was an existing bug that saw many iPhone batteries go dead at 30pc, the public release of the latest iOS has shown that Apple has not managed to get to the root of the problem.

According to Forbes, Apple refused to reveal what updates would be included in 10.2.1 during testing, which many believed was an indication that it was unable to fix the battery bug.

Apple AirPods. Image: Hadrian/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic