Print solution drives Icon productivity

18 Dec 2003

For contract research company Icon, a print management solution looked like a viable way of decreasing costs and increasing productivity. The company, which was founded in Dublin in 1990, has more than 2,500 staff in 30 offices across five continents and has grown to become the fourth largest full-service organisation in its sector in the world.

The firm opted to implement Printpac, a managed print services solution from Datapac, to streamline its print processes in Dublin.

“As we grew, our requirements in the print, photocopy, scanning and fax areas grew with us. We needed to put structure on these needs and to take a fresh look at our productivity,” says Una O’Sullivan, administration manager at Icon.

Datapac consultants carried out onsite audits at Icon and reviewed all of the existing print processes, equipment and support logistics as well as printing-related human factors. Collating these results, Datapac was able to project the overall business needs and future requirements for the firm.

“The Printpac solution has allowed us to consolidate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations. The result is a decrease in the total number of machines in use, a drop of approximately 20, but an increase in the functionality, speed and effectiveness due to the multifunction printers we have added to our package,” explains O’Sullivan. “The total solution included staff training, so that the best possible use was made of the new functionality from the word go. The ability to scan documents directly to email or fax has enabled us to effect savings on our considerable courier costs.”

The Printpac solution includes the installation of HP WebJetAdmin, a monitoring tool linked to all its printers. At the press of a button, print volume figures are available per machine. The system enables Icon to monitor the effectiveness of its internal systems and to identify problem areas before they interfere with workflow.

“This rationalisation has resulted in a very significant cost saving per annum,” adds O’Sullivan. “All related costs — capital, consumables and maintenance — are consolidated into one contract. This necessitates only one purchase order to be raised and my budget for the year is secure.”

She concludes: “We have experienced a change in work practices, with an increase in digital and electronic transfer of documents between offices, which is saving a lot of time for our clinical research associates and their assistants. It is working extremely well for us.”

Datapac’s business development manager Clodagh Carey (left), with Una O’Sullivan, administration manager at Icon