Sony CEO confirms Honeycomb tablet?

4 Apr 2011

Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer has reportedly stated that the electronics company will release a tablet by the end of summer in the US.

According to Bloomberg, Japanese business newspaper Nikkei reported that Stringer said Sony would release a tablet running on Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

It will come to the US first, with other markets following after.

Last month, Sony was rumoured to be working on a Honeycomb tablet with a 9.4-inch screen.

It could be a PlayStation-certified device, like the Xperia Play, and has a “wrap” design to remind the user of “an open paperback stuffed into the back pocket, or a magazine folded backward upon itself such that only a single page is visible to read.”

The rumoured Sony tablet may have front and rear-facing cameras, a USB port and an IR port to control TVs.