Technology destroying romance, survey suggests

13 Feb 2011

The speed that comes with technology is letting romance fall by the wayside, suggests a survey of how individuals tell each other how they feel.

Most people prefer to use email or send a quick text message saying, ‘I Luv U’ rather than putting pen to paper to compose a poem or love letter, the National Trust has found.

Nearly 62pc of 2,558 people surveyed in Britain have never sent anyone a love letter and only one in five had ever written a love poem.

Sixty-nine per cent of respondents have used their mobile phone to text ‘I love you’ – or other abbreviations of those three little words – to their sweethearts.

Do those sweethearts enjoy receiving a texted sentiment, however? No so much, as 70pc of women and 53pc of men said they would rather receive a poem or love letter instead of an email or text message.