8 Apr 2004

What is it?
Startupjournal.com is an online source of valuable information for small business start-ups provided by the renowned editorial resources of The Wall Street Journal, as well as Wsj.com, industry experts and StartupJournal.com’s editorial team. Now that the economy has contracted significantly over the past 18 months, this kind of advice from a reputable and world-known source should make the feat of setting up on your own, be it as a franchise or an independent trader, less of a struggle.

What does it do?
There’s so much to this site that it is almost easier to say what it doesn’t do. There’s practical advice and guidance for entrepreneurs from planning to executing your business ideas. The main page of StartupJournal.com lists the day’s features and is updated every business day, so regular visits will keep you up to date with the news and trends that could affect you. Its columnists offer timely advice on cutting-edge topics tailored just for entrepreneurs.

Business plans are key to setting up shop and securing the right financing, so if you need any direction in this area the site’s invaluable business plan feature should give you some useful pointers when creating the first draft of your concept.

If you are in the market to purchase a franchise, first read the site’s thorough advice section and then search the franchising opportunity that’s right for you.

To find out what other small businesses have done when they were in your shoes check out the industry business models. You can also learn about the many methods entrepreneurs are using to finance their business dreams.

The free trademark search lets you see if the name you want to adopt is available by checking it for conflicts with other trademarks and web addresses in Europe, the US and Canada. You can stay on top of cutting-edge issues and technology terms with the site’s free email alerts and comprehensive technology section.

How does it look?
Another smart sibling from the Wall Street Journal gene pool of business knowledge, StartupJournal.com delivers a mountain of information in a sharp, concise and professional package. Its design echoes the well-starched look of a NYSE hotshot, but with a twist of approachability.

By Brian Skelly