Astronaut Chris Hadfield ‘hearts’ UK and Ireland from space

11 Mar 2013

Cmdr Chris Hadfield's photo from the International Space Station of a break in the clouds forming the shape of a heart.

Cmdr Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut who has been tweeting from the International Space Station, has given Ireland another shout-out along with the UK, accompanied by a photo of clouds framing the shape of a heart.

“Valentines is over, but I’m still in love with what the Earth shows me each day. Happy Mother’s Day to Ireland/UK,” Hadfield tweeted yesterday to his nearly half a million followers.

The photo has been retweeted 941 times and favourited 700 times at time of writing.

While there’s no word yet over exactly where Hadfield snapped the photo of the heart-shaped break in the clouds, he has taken shots of Ireland from his vantage point aboard the orbiting laboratory before.

Hadfield tweet

Just last week he captured Belfast, and prior to that he snapped Dublin during both daylight and at night.

Hadfield, who has a daughter studying at Trinity College Dublin, has been aboard the International Space Station since December. Besides carrying out scientific experiments and taking photos of Earth, he has even put together a space ‘cooking show’.

Hadfield is due to return to Earth in mid-May.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic