How to turn your smartphone and PC into a NES emulator

9 Nov 2015

Have you ever wanted to play some classic Nintendo games but don’t have either the console or the controller? Well, you will love the amazing web-based Air Console.

Over the last number of years, we’ve been told a number of times about the growth of mobile gaming vs traditional consoles, as well as the resurgent rise of PC gaming for dedicated gamers who want an expensive, but powerful, gaming machine.

But, what if we could combine the casual nature of mobile games with the processing power of a desktop computer?

Well, then you get this amazing website called Air Console, which is a free-to-play gaming service that lets you turn your smartphone into a controller, and your computer into the TV screen.

Like the consoles of old, you can play classic arcade games as well as old Nintendo games without needing to buy an old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or rare and expensive accessories.

Once you enter the code that appears on the desktop PC screen on your smartphone web page or dedicated app, you can instantly play any of the games available.

From a few playthroughs, I can’t get over how seamless it is as usually these smartphone-connected games – like ones found playable on the Google Chromecast – are laggy and unplayable.

So the next time you want to play games at your work desk, then look no further.

Click on the link below to get started.



Kids playing a giant Nintendo controller image via Shutterstock

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