Microsoft to enhance PC gaming with new marketplace

22 Oct 2010

Microsoft will release a new online PC games store called Games for Windows Marketplace, which will launch on 15 November.

The new Games for Windows Marketplace will offer PC gamers a vast array of games, improved navigation and purchase and special offers.

It will feature fewer clicks to purchase and download titles and will let players download and re-download PC games they’ve purchased.

Gamers can search by title of genre and can also have access to a dedicated publisher page.

The launch list for the Marketplace includes Fable: The Lost Chapters, Grand Theft Auto III, Lego Universe, Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2.

Development companies with games on the site will include Capcom, 2K Games and Square Enix, and the store will also have indie games available.

The marketplace lets anyone with a Windows Live ID log in and start shopping. Along with credit card purchases, it supports Microsoft Points, letting Xbox LIVE users use their points to purchase games across numerous platforms.