Nine-year-old implores people to ‘Pull Ya Pants Up’ in song and on YouTube (video)

18 Sep 2012

A still from the video for Pull Ya Pants Up

Sick of seeing lads out and about with their pants ready to succumb to the laws of gravity? So is nine-year-old Brooklyn, New York, boy Armor Arteaga, who is giving the fashion faux-pas a dressing down with his song Pull Ya Pants Up and its YouTube video.

Amor, who raps under the name Lilman, wrote the song with his father, Juan, and spent the summer filming the music video, in which Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz also makes an appearance, The New York Daily News reported.

Amor wrote the song because “it’s disrespectful showing your butt off.

“I’m always seeing boys, girls, rappers, singers – everyone is sagging out.”

In the video, Amor sports an American flag jacket and he points out those who wear trousers that slouch all the way down their hips, rapping, “Think that you swaggin’ cause your pants saggin’ – pull ya pants up. Pull ya pants up.”

Amor plans to continue making music. He says his next song will speak out against violence and bullying.

“Even little people like me are getting killed,” Amor said.

Watch the video for Pull Ya Pants Up here:

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic