HP planning to sell off webOS and other mobile patents

24 Oct 2013

HP is understood to be planning to sell off its mobile patents portfolio, including its webOS mobile platform, and has removed conditions that until now has made the patents less attractive to buyers.

According to Bloomberg, HP has approached a number of potential buyers about the portfolio of patents.

HP acquired WebOS in 2010 when it bought Palm. The operating system was then used in the Palm Pre smartphone and the HP TouchPad tablet.

However, the tech giant’s mobile strategy was flawed from the start and the division floundered.

HP made WebOS an open source platform and licensed the code to LG in February 2013, but kept control of the patent.

In May last year, HP’s Enyo team – the group that would have looked after webOS’ HTML 5 application framework – was moved to Google.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years