Ramping up production

10 Oct 2011

Tribal City Interactive brings together games industry veterans

A group of games industry veterans came together to set up Tribal City Interactive, which is releasing three new games by the end of the year.

Tribal City Interactive was established in 2009 and formalised into a limited company in 2011.

It brings together a group of games industry veterans with commercial, technical and creative skills, and a passion for games to create games for iOS and Facebook.

“We have previously worked with industry leaders such as Disney, Warner Brothers, ESPN, MTV, Eidos, EA Mobile and Glu Mobile, and most recently have seen success with our first title for iPhone – Into the Twilight,” says head of design and production Alan Duggan.

“We’ve worked together as a team for more than six years and in that time we have successfully developed numerous titles from initial concept right through to final release.”

Duggan was previously CEO and studio manager of Nephin Games, where he managed development of multiple titles with a team of 19 staff for leading publishers such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and ESPN.

Up to the start of this year, Tribal City Interactive was self-funded. It was then selected as one of the successful candidates of the first CSF offered by Enterprise Ireland.

“This investment has since allowed us to ramp up our production and we now have three games set for release before the end of the year. The first of these, Flip The Switch, we expect on the Irish App Store for iPhone and iPad by mid-October,” explains Duggan.

“With Enterprise Ireland support, we have also been able to rekindle business relationships in the US and to find strong partners with whom we plan to create, distribute, and publish our games. Flip The Switch is one such game which has been a co-production with Mad Toro llC, based in Los Angeles.”