introduces new tweet service for daily deals

31 Aug 2011 introduces new tweet service for daily deals

A graduate of the LaunchPad programme at the National Digital Research Centre, has launched a new service that will tweet out the details of any daily deals that are selling particularly well.

Founded by Shane Hayes in June, provides a free service that analyses all the daily deal sites and sends just one “sifted” email with only the deals a subscriber is interested in. It also maintains a database of all the daily deals offered in Ireland and the UK and makes this available to industry participants as part of its data product.

It’s “Recently, nearly 400 people bought a RateMyArea deal for 63pc off at Brubaker Cafe. An impressive number of purchases. But, even more impressive is that the deal had sold nearly six times as many as was expected,” says Hayes, who previously set up Enterprise Process Consulting which was acquired by Horizon technology in 2006 for an initial outlay of €2m.

“We track every deal in every city and we know that RateMyArea in Dublin normally sells around 70 vouchers. Clearly, Dubliners really liked the deal. Too bad for Dubliners that, unless they were subscribed to RateMyArea’s list, and were paying attention, they probably missed it.”

But, it’s not just Dubliners that miss out. In Cork, Groupon had a deal for a meal at Bully’s Bistro that sold nearly seven times the average.

The biggest seller in July was a Smoothie offer from Groupon in Dublin that sold over 3,000 (Nearly 14 times the historical average of 220).

“At, our aim is to help people keep track of deals. We keep an eye on what is performing well and we tweet out the details when we recognise the most popular deals.” also tracks the amount of money being spent on deals, so a deal that is relatively high priced but may sell in lower amounts, might be a good deal too.