The Mill innovation hub lands 1Gb link after new expansion

16 Feb 2017

Image: Dmitry Kaminsky/Shutterstock

The Mill in Drogheda has added a second phase to its footprint, becoming Siro’s latest 1 Gigabit innovation hub.

With plans for an M1 Payments Corridor, a drive for female entrepreneurs and an agri-food focus, The Mill is experiencing a flurry of activity in its first three years.

The innovation hub is home to more than 20 businesses, where 70 people are employed across numerous business sectors.

All of that is set to grow after phase two of the development to become Siro’s latest 1 Gigabit (1Gb) innovation hub was opened today (16 February). Roughly €350,000 has been raised through private donations to make the extension possible.

Louth is home to major international companies such as PayPal in Dundalk, so a focus on this industry for the M1 Payments Corridor makes sense.

“This opening is a vindication of an idea that circulated for a number of years, and would not have been possible without the support of [our] funders,” said Alan Costello, co-chair of The Mill.

“This support is also evident in our corporate partnerships that offer support for our various programmes. Drogheda and its environs has always had a great community spirit, and this is evident with the financial support we received from SMEs and locally based multinationals.”

To complement the expansion, Siro announced it has delivered 1Gb connectivity to The Mill, with Vodafone providing the service to the facility.

Siro has a similar project with the Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen, connected in July last year.

“We will see more digital companies establish themselves in Drogheda, helping to reinvigorate the local economy,” said Sean Atkinson, CEO of Siro.

Breanndán Casey, business development manager at The Mill, referred to this connectivity a game-changer.

Casey claims the broadband network, powered entirely by light, is “different and better than any other technology”, future-proofing The Mill for decades to come.

“It is a vital factor in the decision-making process for any company looking to establish itself in Drogheda,” he said.

“The dividends of Siro’s roll-out in Drogheda, as well as Dundalk in Co Louth, are already starting to pay off as demonstrated by the level of interest from companies looking to join us here at the Mill.”

Updated, 8.22am, 17 February 2017: This article was updated to clarify that Paypal is in Dundalk, not Drogheda.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic