Dublin’s Vizlegal now provides its tracking tools to the Bar of Ireland

14 Nov 2019

The Four Courts in Dublin, Ireland. Image: © Enticksnaps/Stock.adobe.com

Prior to Vizlegal’s latest announcement, the company’s legal search and tracking tools had primarily been used by solicitors.

Today (14 November), Vizlegal CEO and co-founder Gavin Sheridan announced that the start-up’s platform has now been made available to the Bar of Ireland, which opens access to Vizlegal’s search and tracking tools to all of the organisation’s 2,200 members and staff.

Founded in 2015, Vizlegal converts fragmented pieces of legal information, such as court judgements and filings from multiple jurisdictions, into structured data.

The company was founded in Dublin in 2015. To date, the legal intelligence platform has been backed by the NDRC and has received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The company also provides services in the UK.

Sheridan commented: “This is an exciting new relationship for Vizlegal. We are keen to start delivering the benefits our platform provides to all barristers who are practising members of the Law Library.

“Up to now, our platform has mainly been used by solicitors, and it’s great to now see both barristers and solicitors taking advantage of the speed and mobile accessibility features of Vizlegal.”

‘Making legal information accessible’

Vizlegal recently added 46,000 searchable decisions of the Workplace Relations Commission, the Labour Court, the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Equality tribunal to its platform, enabling users to search all decisions and receive active notifications about new decisions.

The Bar of Ireland director of library and information services, Nuala Byrne, said: “It is so exciting to be working with an agile, vibrant company that listens and acts. Vizlegal makes it easy to quickly find, track and save judgements, cases and other legal information.

“Using cutting-edge technology, their new approach to database design and searching makes it mobile, intuitive, visual, customisable and builds with use. Vizlegal makes legal information accessible. Feedback from our members has been very positive.”

Bar of Ireland chief executive Ciara Murphy added: “Membership offers numerous advantages to practising barristers including access to a vast legal library, legal databases and research support, each of which facilitates barristers in performing their roles to the highest standards.

“The launch of the Vizlegal platform for members of the Law Library is a fantastic addition to our suite of library and information services.”

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic