Amazon Prime Day didn’t go down well on Twitter

16 Jul 2015

It was billed as bigger than Black Friday, but Amazon Prime Day did little to enthuse the world, it seems. Twitter became a very entertaining arena for miffed consumers to humorously vent their rage.

It was set up as an exclusive sale for Amazon Prime members, celebrating 20 years since Amazon was created. To be a member you have to pay US$99 annually, so people probably thought they were on to a good thing a few hours ago.

Then it happened, and the word ‘impressed’ didn’t seem to crop up too much without the word ‘not’ staying one step ahead.

“Prime Day has been exciting so far,” said Amazon on CNN during the event.

“We strive to have Earth’s largest selection, so deals range across all 40 product categories, including back-to-school supplies, outdoor items, fashion, beauty and even things to stock-up your cupboards.”

It seems this range worked out as a negative on social media, with the deals on offer not exactly what people were expecting.

Of course, many people got their funny hats on, with some gems rolling out over Twitter.

Main image via Robert Scoble on Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic