Black Friday memes to get you into the terrifying spirit

20 Nov 2015

Black Friday, shopping’s biggest day of the year, somehow. It’s bizarre how it came about, it’s bizarre how people react to it, and it’s bizarre how it returns each November.

Black Friday hits stores officially on 27 November. I write ‘officially’ because, well, the date is transient. Some shops celebrate it for the full 24 hours, others pump sales right through the month in anticipation.

Here, for example, is a long list of some of the stores in Ireland already primed for their promotional push.

Indeed, research shows that Irish consumers are set to spend an extra 31pc on Black Friday in comparison to last year, topping out at a predicted €109m.

One thing is for certain: over the next seven days all those newsletters you forgot you signed up for, all those forms you filled out in stores, all those online accounts you set up, they’re going to start sending you deals.

Big deals. Deals big enough to send crowds into a frenzy with the inevitable, incredible news stories sure to emanate from parts of the US, where the Black Friday storm is at its strongest.

So here, to celebrate the terrifying time, enjoy some memes and GIFs.

Black Friday meme

Black Friday South Park

Black Friday

Black_Friday_04 Black_Friday_05




Black Friday memes

Sale image and cat eating money image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic