Get blogging, says O2

2 Oct 2003

A new service from O2 allows subscribers to create and run their own personal website directly from their mobile phone. Foneblog, the technology behind the service, was supplied by NewBay Software, whose CEO is former Baltimore marketing head Paddy Holahan.

Using FoneBlog, mobile network operators can provide unique web addresses for their customers who can then update their personal websites by simply sending images, audio and text from their mobile phones using MMS or SMS messaging. The website can be viewed from any internet browser, PDA or Wap browser.

“FoneBlog is an exciting service for camera phone users and a clear way for mobile network operators to increase MMS and data traffic and revenues,” said Holahan. “Mobile phone users love having their own website where they can instantly publish their pictures and messages on the internet, viewable by friends, family and internet visitors from both phone and PC browsers.”

FoneBlog is a server-based system that integrates with an operator’s messaging, portal and billing systems. Its architecture supports all mobile networks and the full range of multimedia standards and handset capabilities. FoneBlog incorporates a wide range of blog features such as commenting, voting, bookmarks, skin designs and messaging.

“Within two years we predict that every mobile operator will offer a phone blogging service, and every mobile user will have a personal, unique website,” said Holahan. “This will lead to an explosion in user-generated content originated from mobile devices and drive unprecedented data traffic over mobile networks.”

Dublin-based NewBay Software was founded in late 2002 and is privately held.

By Brian Skelly