Irish fintech company Rubicoin launches new app for US market

6 Jan 2016

One of Ireland’s largest fintech companies, Rubicoin, has upped its attempts to gain greater influence in the US with the launch of its new app, Invest by Rubicoin, in the country.

Rubicoin has been making serious waves in the rapidly-growing sector with a service that attempts to bring the stock market to the average person on the street, or democratise the stock market, as it puts it.

Now, the company says that it has launched the US version of its Invest by Rubicoin app, with 37 initial stocks selected that it believes will build a portfolio to provide long-term gains and safety.

The app is currently only available on iOS but follows on from the release of other apps by the company, including Learn by Rubicoin aimed at those interested in knowing more about the stock market before beginning to invest.

Based in Dublin, Rubicoin’s founder and CEO Emmet Savage was recently honoured in Irish America’s Wall Street 50, having spun-out the company from University College Dublin (UCD) incubator NovaUCD.

Speaking of the need to expand in the US market, where it already has an office in New York, Savage said: “It is time for the stock market to be democratised and there is no reason why new or inexperienced investors cannot be guided and coached to buy stocks in the brands they believe in and help shape their financial futures today.

“Just buying one share in a company you love sets a lifelong pattern that can turn into a secure future. In 2016, we will add the ability for non-US citizens to open a US brokerage account and start investing using our app.”

The company has appeared recently in’s list of Ireland’s shining lights when it comes to fintech, both in terms of Rubicoin as a company as well as Savage’s influence here and abroad.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic